Another day, another truckload of new releases are confirmed for 2017. The way things are going, this year is shaping up very nicely indeed. Today’s round-up features some real favourites as well as a couple of genuine surprises that I simply wasn’t expecting.

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Kingcrow – The Persistence (working title)
Release date: TBC

Oh yes, this is one release that I am hugely excited for. Over the years, the Blog of Much Metal has tried to champion the cause of bands that I firmly believe deserve the attention and more success. One of those bands is the Italian progressive metal band Kingcrow.

I have been a big fan of the quintet, led by the talented Diego Cafolla, ever since I heard their fourth release ‘Phlegethon’ in 2010. Since then, they have become a firm favourite here at the mansion of much metal. Confirmed news then of album number seven in 2017 has been met with joy from me, particularly when the band have begun an exclusive pre-order to fund an even more professional production. Coupled with their normal stellar songwriting, the new album threatens to be immense.

Speaking with Diego, he has exclusively revealed that the new album ‘can be described as dark and atmospheric spanning from ambient music to heavy riffs.’ Words that, to me, are like music to my ears. Watch out for further updates throughout the year, as I keep a close eye on this criminally underrated band.

Big Big Train – Grimspound
Release date: 28 April 2017

16602059_1307911812607819_1444498908137076244_oHave I been on another planet these last few weeks? I must have because I have been spending lots of time looking for the best releases that are due to arrive in 2017 and I missed out one of my current favourite bands. Big Big Train are due to return in 2017 with a brand new album, ‘Grimspound’.

I think my excuse is that I was not expecting a new release from England’s finest progressive rock band because they only released their last album, the exquisite ‘Folklore’ last year. Big Big Train have a tough act to follow given how brilliant ‘Folklore’ was, but if any band at the current time can deliver the goods, it has to be this octet.

Take a listen to this small snippet to get a brief flavour of what we can expect from this excellent band.


Solstafir – TBC
Release date: TBC

16664891_10155137593776122_5392120723600822788_oWhen this image pops up in my social media timeline alongside the words ‘new album TBA’, you can’t blame my heart for skipping a beat. After all, the Icelandic geniuses were responsible for one of my very favourite albums of 2014 – the delectable ‘Otta’.

Finishing 3rd in my ‘album of the year 2014’ countdown, I described that album as being ‘so brilliant and engaging that anyone who likes powerful guitar-based music should derive an awful lot of satisfaction from listening to it. It is an honest, vibrant and poignant album that I have taken it to my heart.’

In which case, it is hardly a shock to know that I am all over this album and so, when more information is made available, I’ll share it with you.

Scar Symmetry – TBC
Release date: TBC

I mentioned Scar Symmetry in my ‘most anticipated of 2017’ series but it was as much in hope as expectation. Well, now we have confirmation that indeed 2017 will see a new Scar Symmetry album. From the band’s own Facebook page on 7th February came the following statement:

‘This year will see us release our 7th album, the first with our current lineup…’

It was a nugget of gold within a larger post that celebrated the band’s 12th birthday, a lifetime that I have been part of since the very beginning and with good reason – Scar Symmetry are a deadly melodic progressive extreme metal band who are capable of slaying the best on their day. I can’t wait for the seventh instalment.

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze
Release date: 5 May 2017

There are few bands that are as consistent as Dutch death metal band God Dethroned. Their blend of crushing extreme metal and instant, show-stopping melody is hard to beat and they manage to reproduce it with every album it seems.

And now, they have just announced that they are to release their tenth album, ‘The World Ablaze’ on 5th May 2017. It is billed as the third and final part of their World War I trilogy, following on from ‘Under The Sign of the Iron Cross’. Mixed by Dan Swano, it promises to be another entertaining chapter for the band and I’ll look forward to writing about it on the Blog of Much Metal in due course.

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