This is the second blog post where I focus on albums that, for one reason or another, didn’t make my Top 20 rock and metal albums for 2012…but perhaps should have!

Just the one album today, but I think it’s a good’un.

Sons Of Aeon 1Sons Of Aeon
‘Sons Of Aeon’
Lifeforce Records

I know that, technically, this is a 2013 release, but it made a big impact on me in 2012 & so felt it deserved a proper mention on the eve of it’s release.

This album came to me via my Editor at Powerplay Magazine in my reviews bundle in or around November and as such, it very nearly made it into my Top 20 of 2012. I didn’t get as much time as I would have wanted to listen to it and digest it properly. I really liked the album and offered it a positive review, but it had to just miss out in my end of year poll. It may well make my 2013 poll though, so watch this space!

Sons Of Aeon 2

Featuring the former drummer of Swallow The Sun, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that this is a reference point in the Sons Of Aeon sound. However, the overall approach is a more modern-sounding one, with hints of melodic death metal and deathcore creating an uncompromisingly heavy, yet accessible final product. And, despite being free from keyboards and clean vocals, the compositions remain sufficiently accessible due to an understated use of melody and a warm, rich production.

Bearing in mind this is a debut album, the standard is very high and I have been left very impressed, as well as eager to find out what Sons Of Aeon have got in store for us over the coming years.



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