This is a new one for me, but is arguably one of the most important posts I’ve published. is not a site that descends into politics or social commentary. In fact, apart from the occasional poor joke or two, I rarely veer too far away from a solid diet of hard rock and heavy metal. That’s just the way I like it.

However, today is an extremely rare exception. Within the last 24 hours, I read that the last remaining male white rhino has died. I’m also not normally one to be moved by world events because of my personal history and the fact that I have had to put up some significant emotional barriers to simply keep going day to day. But this news has upset me – rhinos have always been a firm family favourite and to think that we are a step closer to their extinction is horrible.

This just adds gravitas to a message I received from a musical hero of mine and, dare I say it, a good friend. Pete Morten of My Soliloquy, previously of Threshold and Power Quest, got in touch to say that he was entering the studio again in August.

Having already released two great solo albums under the My Soliloquy banner in recent years, this news is greeted in the Mansion of Much Metal with genuine delight and enthusiasm. This guy can play, write and sing excellently, so his output is always of a very high quality. Actually, come to think of it, I hate him!

But, what links these two apparently disparate pieces of news and brings me to write a post on my website?

Well, the reason for Pete entering the studio, is for charity purposes. Pete is hugely passionate about nature and the wellbeing of animals to put it mildly. And so it’s not a surprise to learn that the charity he has chosen to support is none other than the Born Free Foundation, who work to stop individual wild animal suffering and help protect threatened species in the wild.

Under the circumstances, this seems like a pretty laudable cause and one that I felt happy to shine a light on. Mind you, if I’m honest, the thought of a new song from Pete Morten is arguably the biggest draw for me. I’m nothing if not honest after all.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in supporting Pete in his endeavours, which also include a 140-mile cycle ride, here’s the link to his GoFundMe campaign:

I appreciate you checking out this post & I promise that normal service will be resumed very soon with a few more album reviews or out-of-date heavy metal newsletter updates coming your way!




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