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Apogean – Cyberstrictive – Album Review

Artist: Apogean Album Title: Cyberstrictive Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 8 March 2024 If you’d said to me even as recently as two years ago, that technical death metal would become one of my absolute favourite genres of heavy metal, I’d have likely laughed in your face. ‘Classic’ progressive metal? Yes. Raw, groovy,  Continue Reading »

Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence – Album Review

Artist: Vomit Forth Album Title: Seething Malevolence Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 8 July 2022 We’ve all been there – you wait for someone to pass you in the supermarket, and they blank you; you’re cut up by another driver on the road; someone acts in an antisocial manner on public transport. Well,  Continue Reading »

Greylotus – Downfall – Album Review

Artist: Greylotus Album Title: Downfall Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 8 July 2022 Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Greylotus are a relatively new and emerging name in the technical death metal arena. They released an EP in 2018 entitled ‘Savior’, and toured in the US with Abiotic, Cognitive, and God Of Nothing in 2019.  Continue Reading »

Arkaik – Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts – Album Review

Artist: Arkaik Album Title: Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 11 March 2022 I’m not sure whether it is because of my new-found love of the genre, and as such I’m seeking more out, but 2022 seems to have been flooded with some extremely high-quality technical death metal. In fact,  Continue Reading »

The Devils Of Loudun – Escaping Eternity – Album Review

Artist: The Devils Of Loudun Album Title: Escaping Eternity Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release:  11 February 2022 Another day, another nice find to bring to the pages of Today, it’s the turn of US based metal band The Devils Of Loudun to show us what they’ve got, and I can tell you,  Continue Reading »

WAIT – The End Of Noise – Album Review

Artist: WAIT Album Title: The End Of Noise Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release:  11 February 2022 An acronym for ‘We Are In Transit’, WAIT is an interesting find and one I thought I should bring to everyone’s attention. WAIT is currently a trio and if you like metal, there’s a decent chance that  Continue Reading »

Aethereus – Leiden – Album Review

Artist: Aethereus Album Title: Leiden Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 14 January 2022 Ah, the sophomore release, otherwise known as the ‘difficult second album’. Four years ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Absentia’, the debut long-player from US technical death metal band Aethereus. Aside from being one of an increasing number of  Continue Reading »

Dessiderium – Aria – Album Review

Artist: Dessiderium Album Title: Aria Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 10 December 2021 Just when I thought I’d completed all my reviews for 2021, I’m presented with another promo that I simply could not ignore. The album is entitled ‘Aria’, and it’s the fourth album from the mind and hands of US musician,  Continue Reading »

Stortregn – Impermanence -Album Review

Artist: Stortregn Album Title: Impermanence Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 12 March 2021 I can count on the fingers of my hands the number of Swiss heavy metal bands that I am familiar with, and still have digits left over. I need even fewer fingers to count the ones that I like. However,  Continue Reading »

Demon King – The Final Tyranny – EP Review

Artist: Demon King Album Title: The Final Tyranny Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 12 February 2021 Whilst it may not be my number one style of heavy metal, I’m delighted that I enjoy technical death metal. Delighted and somewhat relieved, given that it is one of those genres of extreme music that has  Continue Reading »

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