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Arcade Messiah – III – Album Review

Artist: Arcade Messiah Album Title: III Label: Stereohead Records Date Of Release: 25 November 2016 Prolific is a word often misused in music circles. If a band releases an album every two or three years then they can sometimes be given the ‘prolific’ tag. In which case, what descriptor can be given to a solo  Continue Reading »

Arcade Messiah – II – Album Review

Artist: Arcade Messiah Album Title: II Label: Stereohead Records Year Of Release: 2015 A mere 363 days after releasing the self-titled debut album, Arcade Messiah return with sophomore release ‘II’. When I say ‘Arcade Messiah return’, I more accurately mean John Bassett has returned because Arcade Messiah is simply the title given to the latest  Continue Reading »

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