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Before The Dawn – Archaic Flame – EP Review

Artist: Before The Dawn Album Title: Archaic Flame EP Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 8 March 2024 I’ve been aware of Before The Dawn since their debut album was released back in 2003, some twenty-one years ago now. The album sits on my shelf along with others from the band but, if I’m being  Continue Reading »

Hand Of Kalliach – Corryvreckan – Album Review

Artist: Hand Of Kalliach Album Title: Corryvrekan Label: Prosthetic Records Date of Release: 23 February 2024 There’s something in the water right now in Scotland. The land to the North has never been the most prolific in terms of heavy metal exports, with only a small handful of names coming to mind when I try  Continue Reading »

Firewind – Stand United – Album Review

Artist: Firewind Album Title: Stand United Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 1 March 2024 Four years may have passed since they released their self-titled ninth album in 2020 but, for Firewind, the reality is that very little has changed. Returning with the same line-up and the same, familiar musical output with their tenth release,  Continue Reading »

Job For A Cowboy – Moon Healer – Album Review

Artist: Job For A Cowboy Album Title: Moon Healer Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release: 23 February 2024 I’ve written each of the four words independently hundreds of times. However, I never thought I’d ever put them all together in this order: Job For A Cowboy. When this ridiculously named band burst on to  Continue Reading »

Borknagar – Fall – Album Review

Artist: Borknagar Album Title: Fall Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 23 February 2024 For some reason, completely unknown to me at this point, ‘True North’ completely passed me by. Released towards the end of 2019, I can only assume that I took a temporary leave of my senses. Under any normal circumstances, new  Continue Reading »

Amaranthe – The Catalyst – Album Review

Artist: Amaranthe Album Title: The Catalyst Label: Nuclear Blast Records Date of Release: 23 February 2024 I have followed the career of Amaranthe since the very beginning. As a writer for Powerplay Magazine here in the UK, I reviewed their early material, and interviewed the band on more than one occasion. At the outset, you  Continue Reading »

Farsot – Life Promised Death – Album Review

Artist: Farsot Album Title: Life Promised Death Label: Lupus Lounge Date of Release: 16 February 2024 For one reason or another, this is my first proper foray into the black metal/avantgarde world of Farsot and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Germans here. What little I’ve heard in the past failed to  Continue Reading »

Torchia – Arcane Magicae – Album Review

Artist: Torchia Album Title: Arcane Magicae Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 9 February 2024 I knew I recognised the name when I saw it. I reviewed Torchia’s previous album, ‘The Coven’ back in 2020 but, aside from a faint recognition of the band’s name, I could remember precious little else. It turns out that  Continue Reading »

Chapel Of Disease – Echoes Of Light – Album Review

Artist: Chapel Of Disease Album Title: Echoes Of Light Label: Van Records Date of Release: 9 February 2024 I’m only reviewing this album because of one of those strange quirks of fate. On one of my infamous late-night voyages of discovery was sent down a different than expected path as I was too slow to  Continue Reading »

North Sea Echoes – Really Good Terrible Things – Album Review

Artist: North Sea Echoes Album Title: Really Good Terrible Things Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release: 23 February 2024 With it seemingly more and more likely that we’re never going to hear any new, original material from Fates Warning, fans of the much-loved and highly revered progressive metal band will have to look elsewhere  Continue Reading »

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