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Sgàile – Traverse The Bealach – Album Review

Artist: Sgàile Album Title: Traverse The Bealach Label: Avantgarde Music Date of Release: 19 January 2024 If you’ve ever wondered what the soundtrack might be like to accompany “a nomadic traveller in post-apocalyptic Scotland, trying to figure out his fate and facing the elements while travelling north, battling inner demons along the way”, then wonder  Continue Reading »

Dwarrowdelf – The Fallen Leaves – Album Review

Artist: Dwarrowdelf Album Title: The Fallen Leaves Label: Northern Silence Productions Date of Release: 2 February 2024 My increased presence on social media since the turn of the year has been hugely positive on the whole, not just for the fun interaction I am experiencing with old friends and new acquaintances alike, but because of  Continue Reading »

Blood Abscission – I – Album Review

Artist: Blood Abscission Album Title: I Label: RecordJet/Independent Date of Release: 4 August 2023 Today is one of those glorious days, when you take a punt based on nothing more than a whim, and it pays off handsomely. I’m talking about the album, ‘I’ by a band that goes by the name of Blood Abscission.  Continue Reading »

Fathomage – Autumn’s Dawn, Winter’s Darkness – Album Review

Artist: Fathomage Album Title: Autumn’s Dawn, Winter’s Darkness Label: Northern Silence Productions Date of Release: 10 March 2023 (physical release: 2 June 2023) First, we had Autrest, then there was Austere, and now, there’s Fathomage. What a year for atmospheric black metal 2023 is turning out to be. And, interestingly, it isn’t our Scandinavian friends  Continue Reading »

Gyrdleah – Spellbinder – Album Review

Artist: Gyrdleah Album Title: Spellbinder Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 21 April 2023 Normally the preserve of Scandinavia, Germany, and parts of the US, it is great to be able to bring you a debut album from a UK-based black metal band, Gyrdleah. As is the way with a lot of black metal  Continue Reading »

Austere – Corrosion Of Hearts – Album Review

Artist: Austere Album Title: Corrosion Of Hearts Label: Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge Date of Release: 28 April 2023 How is it that when the weather starts to turn, and the sun comes out, I start rediscovering my love for the darker, more melancholy side of metal? It makes no sense, but then, it’s arguable that nothing  Continue Reading »

Autrest – Follow The Cold Path – Album Review

Artist: Autrest Album Title: Follow The cold Path Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 16 February 2023 I’m breaking one of my own rules with this review, as the album in question has not been released in a physical format. However, rules are made to be broken, and when the music is as good as  Continue Reading »

Cailleach Calling – Dreams Of Fragmentation – Album Review

Artist: Cailleach Calling Album Title: Dreams Of Fragmentation Label: Debemur Morti Productions Date of Release: 11 March 2022 The Cailleach is an entity from Gaelic myth, with a literal translation of ‘old woman, hag’. The Cailleach is associated with the creation of the landscape and weather, particularly the stormy, cold weather of winter. There is,  Continue Reading »

Vorga – Striving Toward Oblivion – Album Review

Artist: Vorga Album Title: Striving Toward Oblivion Label: Transcending Obscurity Records Date of Release:  4 February 2022 What on Earth is going on with Transcending Obscurity Records at the moment? They are fast becoming a firm favourite with me of late thanks to some great releases at the heavier, more extreme end of the music  Continue Reading »

Fen – Winter – Album Review

Artist: Fen Album Title: Winter Label: Code666 Date Of Release: 10 March 2017 If ever there was an album title that fitted the music of the band perfectly, it is this. ‘Winter’ is the name of the latest album from UK progressively-laced black metal band Fen and, as someone very wise pointed out to me  Continue Reading »

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