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Gyrdleah – Spellbinder – Album Review

Artist: Gyrdleah Album Title: Spellbinder Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 21 April 2023 Normally the preserve of Scandinavia, Germany, and parts of the US, it is great to be able to bring you a debut album from a UK-based black metal band, Gyrdleah. As is the way with a lot of black metal  Continue Reading »

Demonstealer – The Propaganda Machine – Album Review

Artist: Demonstealer Album Title: The Propaganda Machine Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 31 March 2023 It’s the story of 2023 it seems – reviewing albums long after they have been released. It isn’t necessarily deliberate, but a by-product of the fact that I’m desperately trying to achieve a few things. Firstly, there was  Continue Reading »

IATT – Magnum Opus – Album Review

Artist: IATT Album Title: Magnum Opus Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 27 May 2022 This is my first experience of IATT, and I’m listening to ‘Magnum Opus’, their third album, having read some positive reviews elsewhere of previous records. I’m also taking the plunge because the band find themselves on Black Lion Records,  Continue Reading »

Mother Of All – Age Of The Solipsist – Album Review

Artist: Mother Of All Album Title: Age Of The Solipsist Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 23 April 2021 Black Lion Records is a label with which I am becoming ever more familiar. Ghosts Of Atlantis, Kvaen, and Maestitium are all artists that have recently released great albums on the Swedish label that’s gaining  Continue Reading »

Maestitium – Tale Of The Endless – Album Review

Artist: Maestitium Album Title: Tale Of The Endless EP Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 5 February 2021 The subject of this review is another happy discovery, made via a recommendation that I am delighted to have followed up. Maestitium is the moniker of a one-man project, the highly talented Swedish musician and songwriter  Continue Reading »

Ghosts Of Atlantis – – Album Review

Artist: Ghosts Of Atlantis Album Title: Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 26 March 2021 There be witchcraft around these parts, that’s for sure. I wasn’t happy with my first draft of my review for Ghosts Of Atlantis so, somehow, it disappeared. Gone. Vanished. Being a Suffolk boy born and bred, I know  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2020 – Number 27

Welcome to day four of my 2020 ‘Album of the Year Top 30 countdown’. I’m really not feeling a big intro today and I suspect that most of you skip past it anyway, eager to see my choice for the day. So, here goes… Number 27 Kvaen The Funeral Pyre Black Lion Records Score Of  Continue Reading »

Re-Armed – Ignis Aeternum – Album Review

Artist: Re-Armed Album Title: Ignis Aeternum Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 5 June 2020 Re-Armed have been around for many years but have always seemed to be just off the radar of most discerning heavy metal fans to date. Formed way back in 2001 in Kerava, these Finns started out with a more-than-healthy  Continue Reading »

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