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Hauntologist – Hollow – Album Review

Artist: Hauntologist Album Title: Hollow Label: No Solace Date of Release: 8 January 2024 What in the name of the Gods have I inadvertently stumbled into? It was a drab, dreary day and whilst looking after a poorly child, I took the opportunity as she slept next to me to scroll through a couple of  Continue Reading »

Hollow – Tower – Album Review

Artist: Hollow Album Title: Tower Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 26 November 2021 It’s great to be reminded every now and again why, in and amongst the ‘big hitters’, I like to champion those bands that struggle a little more with column inches despite being fully deserving of exposure. One of those bands is  Continue Reading »

Hollow – Between Eternities of Darkness – Album Review

Artist: Hollow Album Title: Between Eternities of Darkness Label: Rockshot Records Date of Release: 6 December 2018 I had cause the other week to rehouse a few of my ever-expanding CDs and in so doing, I cast my eyes upon an album called ‘Architect of the Mind’, a little-known album released via Nuclear Blast Records  Continue Reading »

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