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Plaguestorm – Purifying Fire – Album Review

Artist: Plaguestorm Album Title: Purifying Fire Label: Noble Demon Date of Release: 4 June 2021 Last year, the Noble Demon record label blasted into my life rather wonderfully, thanks to the release of Night Crowned’s ‘Impius Viam’ album, a record that featured in my end-of-year ‘best-of’ list at an impressive eighth spot. It remains a  Continue Reading »

Nahaya – Vital Alchemy – Album Review

Artist: Nahaya Album Title: Vital Alchemy Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 21 May 2021 When a band boasts members of Oceans Of Slumber or Vesperian Sorrow amongst others, I feel duty-bound to check it out. That band in question is Nahaya, a quintet formed back in 2013 by guitarist Ryan Peters alongside Oceans Of  Continue Reading »

Akiavel – Væ Victis – Album Review

Artist: Akiavel Album Title: Væ Victis Label: Akia Records Date of Release: 23 April 2021 It’s no surprise to find me once again plundering the melodic death metal genre for my latest review. After all, you all know very well by now that I have more than a passing soft spot for this kind of  Continue Reading »

Bodom After Midnight – Paint The Sky With Blood – EP Review

Artist: Bodom After Midnight Album Title: Paint The Sky With Blood Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 23 April 2021 My history with Children Of Bodom was an interesting one. I discovered the band when I came across a promo copy of ‘Follow The Reaper’ on sale at a long-defunct record shop in Colchester. I  Continue Reading »

Mother Of All – Age Of The Solipsist – Album Review

Artist: Mother Of All Album Title: Age Of The Solipsist Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 23 April 2021 Black Lion Records is a label with which I am becoming ever more familiar. Ghosts Of Atlantis, Kvaen, and Maestitium are all artists that have recently released great albums on the Swedish label that’s gaining  Continue Reading »

Maestitium – Tale Of The Endless – Album Review

Artist: Maestitium Album Title: Tale Of The Endless EP Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 5 February 2021 The subject of this review is another happy discovery, made via a recommendation that I am delighted to have followed up. Maestitium is the moniker of a one-man project, the highly talented Swedish musician and songwriter  Continue Reading »

Unflesh – Inhumation – Album Review

Artist: Unflesh Album Title: Inhumation Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 2 April 2021 Formed in 2014, New Hampshire-based metal band Unflesh have been bubbling around the extreme metal fringes since their inception. Releasing an EP in 2016, and then their full-length debut in 2018, entitled ‘Savior’, it is now that the time feels right  Continue Reading »

Aversed – Impermanent – Album Review

Artist: Aversed Album Title: Impermanent Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 19 March 2021 Less is more, right? Right? It’s the clichéd phrase that we always hear and to which many will subscribe. Not in the case of Aversed though. It’s clearly an old adage that has passed them by based on the content of  Continue Reading »

Mariana’s Rest – Fata Morgana – Album Review

Artist: Mariana’s Rest Album Title: Fata Morgana Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 12 March 2021 I’ll admit that Mariana’s Rest are a new name to me despite this 2021 release entitled ‘Fata Morgana’ being their third full-length offering. But when you’re presented with a doom-infused melodic death metal album from Finland, which features the  Continue Reading »

Ephemerald – Between The Glimpses Of Hope – Album Review

Artist: Ephemerald Album Title: Between The Glimpses Of Hope Label: Inverse Records Date of Release: 19 February 2021 For every fifty or so emails that I receive every week from unknown or new artists, I reckon that I receive one or two that really fire my enthusiasm. That’s not a massively high ratio, but when  Continue Reading »

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