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Album of the Year 2018 – Number 7

Welcome to another chapter of my Album of the Year 2018 top 30 countdown. And, if the quality on offer throughout the past few weeks has been extremely high, prepare for more of the same in the coming days. It is no exaggeration to state that this has been the most difficult top 10 to  Continue Reading »

Lost In Thought – Renascence – Album Review

Artist: Lost In Thought Album Title: Renascence Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 8 November 2018 Very proudly, I can declare that this review is an exclusive. Out of nowhere, I received an email from drummer Chris Billingham offering me the chance to be the first to hear and review the brand new and long-awaited second  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 19 September 2018

Hello and welcome to yet another of my heavy metal round-ups, bringing you news that I hope you’ll find interesting. I may not be the first news source, but I hope that I am at least unique in that I try not to just cut and paste what’s already out there. I’ll let you decide.  Continue Reading »

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