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Isle Of The Cross – Excelsis – Album Review

Artist: Isle Of The Cross Album Title: Excelsis Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 21 February 2020 I honestly have no idea where to begin with this review, I really don’t. I’ve sat here for ages thinking about how I can order my thoughts into a coherent and easy-to-read review but I am still struggling.  Continue Reading »

Vredehammer – Viperous – Album Review

Artist: Vredehammer Album Title: Viperous Label: Indie Recordings Date of Release: 6 March 2020 The name Vredehammer is new to me but have become a new discovery at the beginning of 2020 as I scour the Earth for new and exciting heavy music to get my teeth stuck into. The first reason for checking out  Continue Reading »

H.E.A.T – H.E.A.T II – Album Review

Artist: H.E.A.T Album Title: H.E.A.T II Label: earMUSIC Date of Release: 21 February 2020 Longer term readers of will know that I have a soft spot for a little melodic hard rock from time to time. One of my favourite bands within this genre is Swedish xtet H.E.A.T, having been a fan since I  Continue Reading »

Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void – Album Review

Artist: Psychotic Waltz Album Title: The God-Shaped Void Label: Inside Out Music Date of Release: 14 February 2020 Psychotic Waltz are a cult favourite, an institution to many, and a name known to just about every fan of progressive metal on the planet. However, apart from hearing the odd song here and there, I was  Continue Reading »

Into The Open – Destination Eternity – Album Review

Artist: Into The Open Album Title: Destination Eternity Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 20 March 2020 I love to unearth a gem and so I am delighted to be able to bring you this review. The focus of this article is Into The Open, a Dutch band that is the creation of a very  Continue Reading »

Lunarsea – Earthling/Terrestre – Album Review

Artist: Lunarsea Album Title: Earthling/Terrestre Label: Punishment18records Date of Release: 31 January 2020 Do you ever listen to an album and think ‘I really like this’, despite perhaps thinking that you shouldn’t? A guilty pleasure perhaps? Well, welcome to a newly discovered guilty pleasure of mine, by the name of Lunarsea. To refer to Lunarsea  Continue Reading »

Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering – Album Review

Artist: Sylosis Album Title: Cycle Of Suffering Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 7 February 2020 This is the second album due to be released by Nuclear Blast on the 7th February this year. It is also the second album to shock me. But, whilst the latest Sepultura release, ‘Quadra’ has surprised me due to  Continue Reading »

Sepultura – Quadra – Album Review

Artist: Sepultura Album Title: Quadra Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 7 February 2020 Hands up those of you who, like me, had pretty much given up on Sepultura? I can see a few hands in the air, so I’m glad I’m not alone. I still hold their earlier material including ‘Arise’, ‘Chaos AD’ and  Continue Reading »

Dyscordia – Delete / Rewrite – Album Review

Artist: Dyscordia Album Title: Delete / Rewrite Label: Road Mark Productions Date of Release: 7 January 2020 The glut of new releases in January is relentless and so, occasionally a few will slip through the net. Fortunately, a direct email from a PR agent specialising in Benelux bands has led me to catch one album  Continue Reading »

Godthrymm – Reflections – Album Review

Artist: Godthrymm Album Title: Reflections Label: Profound Lore Date of Release: 14 February 2020 I’ve said on these very pages many times that I’m not the most enormous fan of doom metal. And yet, I have all of the Paradise Lost back catalogue including their early doom/death days. I utterly adore the likes of Daylight  Continue Reading »

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