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HammerFall – Hammer Of Dawn – Album Review

Artist: HammerFall Album Title: Hammer Of Dawn Label: Napalm Records Date of Release:  25 February 2022 I’m not entirely sure why I’m reviewing this record because it feels a little like a redundant exercise. Existing fans won’t care what I and others have to say for they will no doubt have the album on pre-order  Continue Reading »

Veonity – Elements Of Power – Album Review

Artist: Veonity Album Title: Elements Of Power Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release:  18 February 2022 Veonity’s 2018 release, ‘Legend Of The Starborn’ was a bit of a power metal corker scoring highly on this very website. 2020’s follow-up, ‘Sorrows’ wasn’t bad either, but it’s fair to say that they did throw a bit of  Continue Reading »

Secret Sphere – Lifeblood – Album Review

Artist: Secret Sphere Album Title: Lifeblood Label: Frontiers Music Date of Release: 12 March 2021 Italian melodic power metal band Secret Sphere have been around for the best part of 25 years but are one of those bands that have never quite taken the world by storm. Without being too disingenuous I hope, the quintet  Continue Reading »

Darker Half – If You Only Knew – Album Review

Artist: Darker Half Album Title: If You Only Knew Label: Massacre Records Date of Release: 27 March 2020 It doesn’t matter how many reviews I undertake and how many nights I spend searching for new material across the entirety of the internet, I always seem to miss a gem or two. And today is just  Continue Reading »

Helion Prime – Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster – Album Review

Artist: Helion Prime Album Title: Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 31 August 2018 A mere two years on from their self-titled debut, Sacramento’s science-based and dinosaur-obsessed melodic power metal band Helion Prime return with their sophomore studio album, the slightly absurdly-titled ‘Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster’. It  Continue Reading »

Lione/Conti – Lione/Conte – Album Review

Artist: Lione/Conte Album Title: Lione/Conte Label: Frontiers Records Date Of Release: 26 January 2018 At the outset of this review, I feel that I must comment on a few matters to put everything that follows into context. The first statement to make is that I am a huge fan of Rhapsody, or Rhapsody of Fire  Continue Reading »

Power Quest – Sixth Dimension – Album Review

Artist: Power Quest Album Title: Sixth Dimension Label: Inner Wound Recordings Release date: 13 October 2017 I feel a bit of a fraud reviewing this record, because until now, I had never really given UK power metal band Power Quest the time of day. I knew the name, I had heard the odd track but  Continue Reading »

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