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Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles -Album Review

Artist: Fellowship Album Title: The Saberlight Chronicles Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release: 15 July 2022 A brand-new UK-based power metal band? Yes please. The genre, it is fair to say, has been dominated by Europe and the US for many a year, so it would be great to have a new entity to help  Continue Reading »

Veonity – Elements Of Power – Album Review

Artist: Veonity Album Title: Elements Of Power Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release:  18 February 2022 Veonity’s 2018 release, ‘Legend Of The Starborn’ was a bit of a power metal corker scoring highly on this very website. 2020’s follow-up, ‘Sorrows’ wasn’t bad either, but it’s fair to say that they did throw a bit of  Continue Reading »

Nocturna – Daughters Of The Night -Album Review

Artist: Nocturna Album Title: Daughters Of The Night Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release:  21 January 2022 Today’s review is one of those ‘discoveries’ that I made when undertaking one of my famed late-night trawls through my promo accounts. Of all the genres of heavy music that I like, I’d place Gothic, symphonic metal lower  Continue Reading »

Nightland – The Great Nothing – Album Review

Artist: Nightland Album Title: The Great Nothing Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release: 19 November 2021 Once in a while, an album will come along about which you had no idea, and will knock you sideways. It’s a special feeling and is one of those fundamental experiences that keeps me coming back day after day,  Continue Reading »

Wythersake – Antiquity – Album Review

Artist: Wythersake Album Title: Antiquity Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release: 26 March 2021 The great thing about listening to a debut, is that you never quite know what you’re going to get until you press play and listen. You can read as many press releases as you wish, that will mention this genre or  Continue Reading »

Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn – Album Review

Artist: Odd Dimension Album Title: The Blue Dawn Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release: 26 March 2021 It’s hard to know where to begin with this album review, given that there’s so much to tell you about. ‘The Blue Dawn’ marks the return of Italian progressive rock/metal band after an absence of eight years. They  Continue Reading »

Veonity – Sorrows – Album Review

Artist: Veonity Album Title: Sorrows Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release: 21 August 2020 When I reviewed ‘Legend Of The Starborn’ in late 2018, I literally gushed praise in its direction. I was new to the band and really enjoyed what I heard. I can be quoted as even saying: “After spending what seems like  Continue Reading »

Darktribe – Voici L’Homme – Album Review

Artist: Darktribe Album Title: Voici L’Homme Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release: 17 January 2020 The start of 2020 sees a change in the Man of Much Metal. No, I haven’t stopped pretentiously referring to myself in the third person as you can see. Instead, I have decided to review an album that I would  Continue Reading »

Kingcrow – Interview – ‘The new album will be a sonic adventure’

Those familiar with the Blog Of Much Metal will know that I enjoy championing those bands that don’t tend to get the exposure that they deserve for one reason or another. That’s why today I bring you a full, in-depth interview with another band worthy of more attention: Kingcrow. Originally hailing from Rome, Italy, Kingcrow  Continue Reading »

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