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Album Of The Year 2020 – Number 15

Welcome to instalment number sixteen of my 2020 ‘Album of the Year Top 30 countdown’. We’ve made it into the top 15, where the number order is far more prescribed and thought through. In fact, the ordering from now on has given me sleepless nights, as I go backwards and forwards, trying to figure out  Continue Reading »

PreHistoric Animals – The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter One) – Album Review

Artist: PreHistoric Animals Album Title: The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter One) Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 30 September 2020 When you get a personal message from a band that you like, asking you to review their new album, it’s not an offer that’s easy to refuse. So I didn’t, and so have been digesting  Continue Reading »

The best albums of 2020 so far…the second quarter…AKA ‘the pandemic months’

What a year 2020 has been. In fact, one could say that, for a variety of reasons, 2020 has been one of the worst years in living memory. Families separated, the world grinding to a halt, human contact removed, people dying to the current tune of half a million thanks to this global pandemic. Will  Continue Reading »

Lesoir – Mosaic – Album Review

Artist: Lesoir Album Title: Mosaic Label: GlassVille Records Date of Release: 1 May 2020 Another new name to cross my desk at is Lesoir, a Dutch five-piece that came to my attention because of my ongoing professional relationship with the good people at Incendia Music. That and the reference to Anathema in the ‘FFO’  Continue Reading »

Cryptex – Once Upon A Time – Album Review

Artist: Cryptex Album Title: Once Upon A Time Label: SPV/Steamhammer Date of Release: 8 May 2020 “unrestrained, autobiographic psychograms full of ambivalent feelings and approaches in self-reflection” If you didn’t know that you had clicked on a review of a progressive music album, you do now. The quote above is how Cryptex describe the music  Continue Reading »

Anticipated Album Releases in 2020 – Part 2

Inevitably, the minute I press the ‘publish’ button on my first ‘Anticipated Album Releases in 2020’ post, I stumble upon another quality batch of albums that are due to see the light of day this year. So the only right and proper thing to do is to put another post together and shine the light  Continue Reading »

Metal (and Rock) update – 7 August 2018

Just as I complete my mini-series, looking at the music still to come in 2018, I receive news of a whole host of new music coming our way throughout the remainder of the year. So, what better than an impromptu post that updates you on what I have found most interesting over the past few  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2015 – Number 24

Number 24 Native Construct ‘Quiet World’ Metal Blade Records Native Construct is comprised of vocalist Robert Edens, guitarist Myles Yang and bassist Max Harchik. All three individuals study at Berklee College of Music, the same breeding ground as the progressive metal juggernaut that is Dream Theater. So, they must be talented musicians. But, more than  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2014 – Number 13

We’ve reached the number 13 spot which might be considered to be an unlucky position. Not so here, because hopefully the band at the centre of this post will enjoy a little more time in the spotlight. I hope so anyway. Before I launch into today’s pick, just a reminder that you can read any  Continue Reading »

A.C.T. – Circus Pandemonium – Album Review

Artist: A.C.T. Album Title: Circus Pandemonium Label: ACTWORLD Year of Release: 2014 Cult progressive rock band A.C.T. finally return with their long-awaited fifth album, ‘Circus Pandemonium’. It has been eight years since the Swedish quintet released ‘Silence’ back in 2006 and so their fans have well and truly been kept waiting. In fact, there was  Continue Reading »

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