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My Route to Becoming A Metalhead

One of the most fascinating conversations I have with fellow music lovers and metalheads in particular is about the route they took when discovering this magnificent genre of music. Everybody has a different journey, one that inevitably leads to a different ending. Sure, we may all like roughly the same bands, but it is rare  Continue Reading »

Skeletons, Regrets and Cock-ups

Up to now, my blog posts have focused on all things positive and you’re probably beginning to get the wrong idea about me entirely. My musical discoveries have not been without a few hiccups along the way and here, I intend to discuss some of them, laying them bare for the world to see. And,  Continue Reading »

The Man Of Much Metal – the early musical years…

Before I get on to some more meatier topics that are of interest to me, I thought I’d try and flesh out a little of my musical background, giving you a bit more of a personal insight into the Man Of Much Metal… I first got into music through my Dad, who loved the usual suspects  Continue Reading »

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