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Amaranthe – Manifest – Album Review

Artist: Amaranthe Album Title: Manifest Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 2 October 2020 Aaaarrrrrghhhh…how the hell does this band manage to do this to me every single time? When I heard the first couple of singles from ‘Manifest’, the sixth full-length release from Amaranthe, I felt cold, unmoved. Having championed their brazen and unflinching  Continue Reading »

Voyager – Colours In The Sun – Album Review

Artist: Voyager Album Title: Colours In The Sun Label: Season Of Mist Date of Release: 1 November 2019 When I reviewed Voyager’s last studio release, ‘Ghost Mile’ in 2017, I remarked that I had never had the pleasure of seeing the band live on stage. Fast forward two years and I am delighted to say  Continue Reading »

Amaranthe – Helix – Album Review

Artist: Amaranthe Album Title: Helix Label: Spinefarm Records Date of Release: 19 October 2018 Let’s get one thing straight right from the off: if you’ve never been a fan of Amaranthe, ‘Helix’ will not change your mind. Not even close. In fact, it is likely to push you further away from the band. However, if  Continue Reading »

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