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Necrophobic – In The Twilight Grey – Album Review

Artist: Necrophobic Album Title: In The Twilight Grey Label: Century Media Date of Release: 15 March 2024 My review of 2020’s ‘Dawn Of The Damned’ was essentially a diatribe aimed squarely at myself and my metal ‘radar’ for allowing Necrophobic to slip past me undetected for so long. I berated myself, wailed to the heavens  Continue Reading »

Skeletal Remains – Fragments Of The Ageless – Album Review

Artist: Skeletal Remains Album Title: Fragments Of The Ageless Label: Century Media Date of Release: 8 March 2024 Having favourably reviewed the past two albums from California’s Skeletal Remains, I felt it would have been considered bad form to not check out their latest full-length endeavour, ‘Fragments Of The Ageless’. And so here we are  Continue Reading »

Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon – Album Review

Artist: Upon Stone Album Title: Dead Mother Moon Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 19 January 2024 I’m late to this particular party, for which I apologise. However, had it not been for a sudden influx of social media posts referencing this album, I’d probably still be none the wiser. Despite being released on  Continue Reading »

Naglfar – Cerecloth – Album Review

Artist: Naglfar Album Title: Cerecloth Label: Century Media Date of Release: 8 May 2020 Naglfar are one of the very first wave of black metal bands that I discovered back when I first found out about the genre in the mid-90s. It was thanks to their song, ‘Enslave The Astral Fortress’, which was the opening  Continue Reading »

Ultha – The Inextricable Wandering – Album Review

Artist: Ultha Album Title: The Inextricable Wandering Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 5 October 2018 When an album is comprised of only six songs but has a running time of over 65 minutes, you can be sure that the listening experience that awaits is not going to be for those with a short  Continue Reading »

Marduk – Viktoria – Album Review

Artist: Marduk Album Title: Viktoria Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 22 June 2018 At the outset of this review, I feel it is necessary to admit that I have never been that big a fan of Swedish black metal band Marduk. They are a band with which I am passingly familiar but that  Continue Reading »

Arch Enemy – Will To Power – Album Review

Artist: Arch Enemy Album Title: Will To Power Label: Century Media Records Date Of Release: 8 September 2017 Have I ever mentioned that I love early Arch Enemy? I’m talking ‘Burning Bridges’ and before. This, as far as I am concerned, was the pinnacle of their career, with ‘Stigmata’ remaining my personal favourite. I loved  Continue Reading »

Iced Earth – Incorruptible – Album Review

Artist: Iced Earth Album Title: Incorruptible Label: Century Media Records Date Of Release: 16 June 2017 The phrase ‘only time will tell’ features a lot in music reviews, certainly in mine. Over the years, I’ve had to listen to hundreds of albums and put pen to paper in double-quick time to submit my thoughts in  Continue Reading »

Dream Evil – Six – Album Review

Artist: Dream Evil Album Title: Six Label: Century Media Date Of Release: 26 May 2017 Dream Evil have been knocking around the metal scene for many years, having been created before the millennium by the renowned Studio Fredman producer Fredrik Nordström. It was his burning desire to create his own power metal band and Dream  Continue Reading »

Firespawn – The Reprobate – Album Review

Artist: Firespawn Album Title: The Reprobate Label: Century Media Records Date Of Release: 28 April 2017 My rekindled love and affection for old school death metal shows no signs of abating any time soon, certainly not when there are albums like these being released into the wild. ‘The Reprobate’ is the second full-length release from  Continue Reading »

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