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Demon King – The Final Tyranny – EP Review

Artist: Demon King Album Title: The Final Tyranny Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 12 February 2021 Whilst it may not be my number one style of heavy metal, I’m delighted that I enjoy technical death metal. Delighted and somewhat relieved, given that it is one of those genres of extreme music that has  Continue Reading »

My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret – EP Review

Artist: My Dying Bride Album Title: Macabre Cabaret Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 20 November 2020 Not content with releasing an incredibly strong and emotionally-wrought full length album earlier in the year, Yorkshire’s gloom and doom merchants have returned this autumn with a three-track EP entitled ‘Macabre Cabaret’ that provides fans with another twenty-plus  Continue Reading »

Perduratum – Exile’s Anthology – EP Review

  Artist: Perduratum Album Title: Exile’s Anthology Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 10 October 2020 Now here’s a nice little find for those of us who have a penchant for progressive metal. That find comes in the form of Perduratum, a Mexican quintet who came to life last year and who bring us their  Continue Reading »

Structural Disorder – Kingdom Crossing – EP Review

Artist: Structural Disorder Album Title: Kingdom Crossing Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 4 September 2020 You’d think by now, that I’d get used to news of bands splitting up, retiring, or disappearing. But no. Every time I hear another band has ceased to be, it fills me with a sense of sadness and disappointment,  Continue Reading »

Ihsahn – Pharos – EP Review

Artist: Ihsahn Album Title: Pharos EP Label: Candlelight Records Date of Release: 11 September 2020 ‘Pharos’ is the second of two EPs released during 2020 by the incredible talent that is Ihsahn. The EPs are apparently intertwined but, as the press release so rightly states, there are some sharp contrasts between the two offerings. Mind  Continue Reading »

Hinayana – Death Of The Cosmic – EP Review

Artist: Hinayana Album Title: Death Of The Cosmic EP Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 28 August 2020 I can bet that there are not many readers of this website who are already familiar with the name Hinayana, despite the band being alive and well since 2014. Naming themselves after the Sanskrit term literally translated  Continue Reading »

Navian – Reset – EP Review

Artist: Navian Album Title: Reset (EP) Label: Indie Recordings Date of Release: 14 August 2020 As you’ll know by now, instrumental music isn’t normally my ‘thing’. I have waxed lyrical about a few releases over the years, most recently, the new effort from Long Distance Calling. But they are a special band. So too are  Continue Reading »

Quantum – The Next Breath Of Air – EP Review

Artist: Quantum Album Title: The Next Breath Of Air Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 12 June 2020 Progressive music fans, if you’re wanting to sink your teeth into a new band, then I have a recommendation for you. The band are called Quantum and they hail from that music backwater otherwise known as Sweden.  Continue Reading »

Battle Born – Battle Born – EP Review

Artist: Battle Born Album Title: Battle Born Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 26 June 2020 There are times when you just have to embrace the silliness. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy it when all the stops are pulled out in the pursuit of entertainment? And when it comes to classic power metal, silliness is  Continue Reading »

Frost* – Others – EP Review

Artist: Frost* Album Title: Others EP Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 5 June 2020 When a new release from Frost* emerges, many of us within the prog community get excited. After all, this is a band that can be genuinely referred to as unique. Other adjectives include ‘challenging’, ‘fresh’ and ‘exciting’. Whilst many consider  Continue Reading »

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