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Sorcerer – Interview 2020 – ‘Lamenting Of The Innocent’ – “Songwriting…is heart breaking…and painful”

  When the opportunity arises to speak directly to one of the hottest metal bands on the planet right now, you’d have to be mad to refuse wouldn’t you? I definitely thought so, which is why I found myself mid-lockdown chatting to guitarist and co-songwriter for Sorcerer, Kristian Niemann, over possibly the worst internet connection  Continue Reading »

Haken – Interview 2020 Part 2 – Virus – ‘This is our passion, our love and our life’

If you missed it, Part 1 can be read right here.   If you’ve already checked out the first part of my interview with Ross Jennings, vocalist with UK progressive rock/metal band Haken, then thanks for returning. You must be gluttons for punishment! So, before you change your mind, let’s get on with Part 2  Continue Reading »

Haken – Interview 2020 Part 1 – Virus – ‘music prevails in the end’

My love affair with UK progressive metal band Haken is well documented both on but previously in the pages of Powerplay Magazine where I was writing when this young band burst onto the scene in 2010. Their debut, ‘Aquarius’ was a glorious discovery, one of those records that is equal parts raw talent, genius,  Continue Reading »

Evergrey – Interview 2019 – ‘I feel like we could do this forever’

Ever since I discovered Evergrey around the turn of the Millennium, I have seen them live on stage countless times. They have released seven or eight new records of original material and I have interviewed Tom on perhaps five or six occasions. But Evergrey, as we all know, are my number one band, and it  Continue Reading »

Redemption – Interview 2018 – “…there is a lot of good material on here and the best is up there with the best we’ve ever written”

Picture the scene: It’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting in the back of a plush Mercedes, being driven to the O2 to catch the final night of Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ European tour. And who happens to be sitting next to me? That’s right, none other than Nick Van Dyk, the founder,  Continue Reading »

In Vain – Interview 2018 – “The sudden changes between the straight-up metal parts and the melancholic and calm parts are unexpected, and that is what In Vain is about”

It is fair to say that I have been thoroughly smitten by ‘Currents’, the wonderful fourth album from Norwegian extreme metal band In Vain. To quote my recent review: “If ‘Ænigma’ demonstrated that In Vain had the genuine potential to challenge at the highest level, then ‘Currents’ is the sound of that potential realised. This  Continue Reading »

Evergrey – Interview 2016 Part 2 – ‘We’d make fools of ourselves if we tried to write ‘Hymns For The Broken 2’

Evergrey interview 2016 – Part 1 Evergrey – The Storm Within – Album Review It is a relatively uneventful journey to Camden and the restaurant of choice of Tom and Jonas, albeit frequently punctuated by the loud and amusing strains of ‘oooh, it’s gorgeous’, the latest quote from UK comedy show ‘Little Britain’ to tickle  Continue Reading »

Evergrey – Interview 2016 – “We’re getting stronger and stronger, every day”

Read my review here: Evergrey – The Storm Within When you have a job and a young family, it can be tough to get out of the house sometimes, even if it is to just nip to the shops briefly. So you can imagine that it is almost impossible to get an entire evening off.  Continue Reading »

Earthside – Interview – “we don’t write something with the idea of making it easy to play live”

‘A Dream In Static’, the debut album from US progressive metal band Earthside ended up as my favourite album of 2015. I wasn’t expecting this to be the case at the start of the year but if you’ve heard it, you’ll not be surprised as to why it attained such a lofty place in my  Continue Reading »

Earthside – Interview Part 2 – “we will be a band that people won’t get totally on a first listen”

A while back, I had the pleasure of an in-depth conversation with Ben Shanbrom, drummer with Earthside, a new band on the block that threatens to become the hottest new prospect in the progressive music world. You think I’m being overly hyperbolic? Listen to this for starters: Now I have your attention, you may like  Continue Reading »

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